KUSD Rules of Conduct for Bus Riders

Konocti Unified School District (KUSD) is pleased to offer transportation to students who are safe, respectful and responsible.  As a commitment to keeping students safe, KUSD would like to reference the Rules of Conduct for School Bus Riders.


Students will do the following:

  • Ride only those buses to which students are eligible, and normally take to and from school. Written permission from parent/guardian is required to ride alternative bus routes.
  • Listen and obey all directions from the driver.
  • Arrive at their assigned bus stop a minimum of five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
  • Respect the people and property at and around the bus stop and loading zones.
  • Never throw objects at a bus or out of bus windows.
  • Conduct themselves properly while waiting for their buses and after returning from school.
  • Form a single line and remain a safe distance from the edge of the roadway a minimum of 12 feet to permit normal traffic flow and for buses to approach safely.
  • Board and exit buses in an orderly manner without pushing or crowding.
  • Sit in seats and areas assigned by the bus driver.
  • Identify himself or herself to the driver when requested to do so.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep all portions of their body inside the bus at all times.
  • Athletic shoes with cleats must be carried on and off the bus.
  • Exit the bus through the front door only, unless otherwise directed by the driver.
  • Cross roadways in front of the bus (all grades) are escorted by the driver (Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and any grades 1-12 inclusive.

Students will not do the following:

  • Threaten, harm or endanger the safety of the passengers and/or drivers.
  • Possess lighting devices, alcoholic beverages, drugs, glass containers, live animals/insects, explosive devices or weapons, pressurized containers (hair spray, perfume, paint, etc.).
  • Engage in boisterous conduct, fighting or throwing of any object inside or outside of the bus.
  • Use profane, vulgar/abusive language or gestures.
  • Use tobacco, consume food or beverages or chew gum.
  • Write on seats, walls or intentionally damage any portion of the bus.
  • Tamper with emergency exits or bus controls.
  • Throw substances on or at the bus.
  • Cross divided highways to get onto the bus.


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