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Curriculum and Instruction E-newsletters 2019-2020

Konocti ESEA LEA Plan for Title III LEP and Migrant 2015

18-19 SARC – Blue Heron
18-19 SARC – Burns Valley
18-19 SARC – Carle High School
18-19 SARC – East Lake School
18-19 SARC – Highlands Academy
18-19 SARC – Konocti Education Center
18-19 SARC – Lower Lake Elementary
18-19 SARC – Lower Lake High School
18-19 SARC – Pomo School
18-19 SARC – Richard H. Lewis School

DELAC Minutes Ten Eight Twenty Fifteen Spanish
DELAC Minutes Ten Eight Twenty Fifteen English
DELAC Minutes Four Fourteen Sixteen Spanish
DELAC Minutes January 28th 2016 EnglishSpanish
DELAC Minutes Four Fourteen Sixteen English (1)

EL Master Plan 2017-18
EL Master Plan 2017-18 (Spanish)
EL Annual Notification of CELDT Testing
EL Language Reclassification Record
EL 2b l Term Form
Home Language Survey

PIP STP Information

(1.) PIP-STP workshops by LCOE for 2019, (2.) preservice-info-meeting-1-1, (3.) tlc-pre-service-coursework-calendar, (4.) pip-stp-intern-credential-pathway, (5.) permits-and-credentials-issued-by-ctc-1, (6.) 120-hour-tlc-preservice-outline-1 (7.) ctpe_1-6_placemat the California Teacher Performance Expectations

The goal is to provide on the job training and support so as to:

**Build camaraderie in fellow provisional staff and colleagues at Konocti Unified

**Feel valued through the support so as to retain provisional teachers on their path to certification

**Show and feel growth toward some of the areas outlined by the State Teacher Performance Expectations; particularly in the area of some classroom management techniques,  with a few key instructional strategies, and in some content standard understanding specific to the teacher’s subject area.


Hi there PIP-STP Crew,

Above are important documents; (1.) the 120-hour course work required by the state as a provisional teacher. The courses start in January are sponsored by Lake County, (2.) the permit and credential document shows the requirements for each level of certification, (3.) the credential pathway shows the requirements as one travels from provisional, to intern, to preliminary credential holder, (4.) is the tentative calendar showing the scheduled 120 hour course work, (5.) the additional workshops to support specific topics per quarter of the year – three total, (6.) The pre-service coursework informational meetings, (7.) the California Teacher Performance Expectations.

Site Support and “go-to” people:

**The Principal

**Fellow grade level or department colleagues

**Site instructional coach

**Assigned mentor

Three other contact people are the following:

Human Resource Analyst: Danielle Besgrove at <>

Coordinator of Teacher Induction: Teresa Rensch at 

Lake County Coordinator: Jamie Buckner-Bridges at 

District-wide PIP-STP Workshops this first semester until the County program begins in January:

*The four-day summer institute is/was July 30 – August 2 before the first student attendance days

*The New Teacher Academy Days on August 8 and August 9before the first student attendance days

PIP Workshop on September 17

PIP Workshop on October 15

PIP Workshop on November 19

Regularly held grade level collaboration and/or regularly held site collaborations

January begins the 120-hour course work for special education credential candidates and for multi-subject credential candidates. 

Single subject candidates will have to enroll in a program at the expiration of the waiver.





Click on the link below to stay up to date on curriculum:

Curriculum and Instruction E-newsletters 2016/17


Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan Approved by KUSD

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Public Board Meeting Will be Streamed Live on Facebook – Sept. 02, 2020

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Open For Distance Learning – August 26th (Wednesday)

This is Becky Salato, Konocti Superintendent We have continued to monitor air quality and fire conditions throughout the day with our county agencies.  Given our ...

Schools Remained Closed on Tuesday, August 25th – Due to Conditions

Hello Konocti Families, We have remained in close contact throughout the day with Fire Chief Sapeta ; Fire Chief Ciancio , as well as Public ...

School Closed (Escuela Cerrada), Monday, Aug. 24th – Due to Poor Air Quality

Due to poor air quality conditions that occurred overnight, Konocti Unified is closing schools, including distance learning, Monday, August 24th. We encourage everyone to stay ...

Distance Learning Will Resume on Monday, Aug. 24th – Meals Available at Select School Sites

This is Becky Salato, Konocti Superintendent.  During these challenging times, we hope you are staying safe and strong.  We have been in close contact throughout ...

Notice of School Closure (Including Distance Learning) for August 21

This is Becky Salato, Konocti Superintendent. The safety and well being of our students, staff, and community is always our priority. We have ...

Cancellation of 08/19/20 Board Meeting

Due to evacuations and threat of fire, the Board Meeting set for August 19, 2020 at 6:15 p.m. has been canceled ...

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