05/11/16 Annual Recognitions Ceremony

This year, the Konocti Unified School District utilized a new format and venue for the Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony. Instead of being held at the Lower Lake High School gym, the ceremony took place at the new Cornelison Event Center, where appetizers and refreshments were served to the Board Members, staff, honorees and guests. Another addition was a power point presentation put together by Superintendent Donna Becnel.

Students of the Year:

Burns Valley School – Adriana Mendez, Jasmine Gonzales and Fernando Ramirez

W.C. Carle High – Jasmine Heckard

East Lake School – Victoria Thomas and Gerardo Nunez-Ortiz

Konocti Education Center – Madelyn Copas, Luis Orozco-Sanchez, Rafael Contreras and Summer Baxter

Lower Lake Elementary – Lynzi Milano and Lorenzo Alejandro

Lower Lake High School – Gabriella Jauregui

Pomo School – Deyonsa Yiggins and Amy Velasquez

Student Collage

Volunteers/Citizens of the Year:

Burns Valley School – Christine Gonzales

W.C. Carle High – Jonathan Killops

East Lake School – Jon Cash

Konocti Education Center – Becky Martin

Lower Lake Elementary School – Jamie Gekas

Lower Lake High School – Charmaine Weldon (who graciously donated her time and took pictures at the event)

Pomo School – Carolynn Jarrett and Brandi Case


Classified Employees of the Year:

 Burns Valley School – Maricruz Brown

Child Nutrition Services – Aubrey Brown

W.C. Carle – Gail Clark

District Office – Michelle Greb

East Lake School – Mandi Livingston

Konocti Education Center – Claudine Graf

Lower Lake Elementary – Teresa Santana

Lower Lake High School – Eva Santana

Maintenance and Operations – Kevin Robinson

Pomo School – Miranda Carmichael

Transportation – Chuck Foley and Cathy Smith


Certificated Employees of the Year:

 East Lake School – Rachel Anderson

Burns Valley School – Martha Bello

Lower Lake High School – Tiffany Bywaters

W.C. Carle/Blue Heron – Michael Descalso

Konocti Education Center – Cydney Dixon

ESS and Lower Lake Elementary School – Kim Harris

District Office – Sue Salmina

Pomo School – Doreen Travis



 Maintenance and Operations – Denis Luttringer, 12 years

W.C. Carle – Sally Colcord, 22 years

District Office – Pat St. Cyr, 27 years

Konocti Education Center – Amy Osborn, 33 years

Lower Lake High School – Pat Chambers, 30 years

Lower Lake High School – Loretta Ray, 25 years

Burns Valley School – James Ray, 21 years

Pomo School – Renee Carpenter, 20 years

Konocti Education Center – Jeff Dixon, 10 years


KUSD Teacher of the Year and Classified Employee of the Year:

Teacher of the Year for the Konocti Unified School District is Kim Harris and the Classified Employee of the Year is Eva Santana. Congratulations and thank you to both for their professionalism and dedication to the students of the KUSD.



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